Hundreds of wishes written on coloured ribbons in Hévíz

The two-thousand-year-old legend about the miraculous healing lake has been revived

Hundreds of wishes written on coloured ribbons in Hévíz

The most well-known Hévíz legend about the formation of the lake and its miraculous effect is linked to the Roman Emperor Flavius Theodosius.

According to the legend, Flavius suffered from infantile paralysis. Every day, his Christian nurse prayed to Virgin Mary asking for the boy’s recovery. Virgin Mary answered her prayers and brought forth water. A whole lake was formed from the thermal spring. The nurse bathed the ill child in the water of the lake regularly.

Miraculously, Flavius got over his illness by the help of the water and became a strong, healthy ruler, the emperor of the Roman Empire. Out of gratitude, he declared Christianity the official religion throughout the realm in 391.

The legendary curative lake is none other than Lake Hévíz, in the water of which thousands of patients have been healed and have regained the pleasure of healthy movement since then.

Where once a miracle happened, there it can happen any time again. Next to Villa Rustica (Roman Ruin Garden, at the end of Attila Street in Hévíz), the ribbons placed on the “Wall of Wishes” revive the Roman legend. Up to now, hundreds of Flavius wish ribbons have been placed on the “Wall of Wishes” by the guests of Hévíz. They wished, for instance, for world peace, health and happiness for their families, travel and long life, or successful school-leaving examination.

Come and browse over the ribbons, then wish something. Write your wish on the ribbon and place it among the other wish ribbons.
Virgin Mary already made miracle happen to Flavius once, why couldn’t the same happen to you too? 
Flavius wish ribbons can be purchased in the Webshop, in the Museum of Egregy and in the Tourinform Office in Hévíz at a price of HUF 200.

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