Holidays at the West Balaton and in Hévíz

Summer fosters active holidays, and the West Balaton is one of the destinations worth considering. A Hungarian “sea” dazzles with its emerald color, there are very differentiated accommodation options, and what is the most important, there is no awkward crowd. There are many attractions, thermal spas – like Lake Hévíz - for the tourists, that you can reach by the numerous biking routes.

Holidays at the West Balaton and in Hévíz

Thanks to the proximity of Hungary Polish people are willing to plan there not only their summer holidays, but also weekend trips. The Balaton lake has been well known among countrymen since a long time. It is a good idea to plan your route more to the South and discover the West Balaton region. It is a perfect place for the family holidays, for the history lovers, the fans of water sports or the connoisseurs of the Hungarian cuisine.  

Hungarian see

The Balaton lake which is ca. 500 km far from the southern borders of Poland, is the biggest lake in Hungary and Central Europe. It is 77 km long and 4 to 15 km wide. The average depth is 2,5 m and the deepest point is 12 m deep a Tihany Well. In summer the temperature of the water oscillates between 22°C a 25°C. The Hungarians call the Balaton lake their sea and it is one of their favorite places for leisure.


Holidays at the West Balaton

The West Balaton region is very reach in touristic attractions. There are many beaches and the depth of the lake is not more than 1,5 m for over a few hundred meters. The holidaymakers can rent the water bikes or go on a boat trip, where there are special animation programs for children.

Yachting is very popular in the region, there are also many windsurfers take advantage of the winds. Balaton is a paradise for anglers, too. They can fish in silence and serenity, meanwhile the canoeists can admire the beautiful landscapes. 

In the vicinity there are many well prepared biking paths and interesting touristic routes. In the offer for those travelling on two wheels are routes of different length and difficulty. Kesthely, a university town with a beautiful palace of the Festetics family built in the middle of the 18th century, can be a good starting point. It is just 6 km far from a charming town of Hévíz, known for the biggest thermal lake in the world where you can swim all year long. Try to discover the secrets of the castles Szigligiet and Sümeg, and then take rest in the Buddhist stupa of peace. Do not forget to include in your itinerary the longest case in Hungary, Csodabogyós in Balatonederics.

The city of Hévíz

The spa resort Hévíz, with its emblematic thermal lake with unique healing properties, is a perfect place for leisure. The beautiful nature and idyllic atmosphere favor clearing your mind, and one of the biggest attractions is a bath in the turquoise water. Not only is the lake located in beautiful surroundings, but also the waters are rich in minerals, e.g. calcium, magnesium and Sulphur, which help to heal different diseases. There are peat and peloid on the bottom, which have a positive influence on the skin. It is worth mentioning that in May the bath of Hévíz was given a EuropeSpa Med certificate, which confirms the highest quality of service.  

Those who visit Hévíz may take a walk in a charming town. Do not forget to visit the church from the 13th century, built during the Arpad dynasty and get acquainted with the ancient artefacts from the region collected in the Museum of Egregy, that was opened to public in 2015. There are also the remnants of the Roman villa, that is nearby. If you would like to get to know history of the town and the lake, you may be interested in the exhibition in the Museum of Hévíz. In the collection there are medical and medicinal relics and also a book dated 1818, which was written by earl Richard Brighton and given to György Festetics, who was a contemporary owner of the lake.


Through the stomach to traveler’s heart

A visit to Hungary is an exceptional culinary travel. It is hard to resist the local specialties, as well as hospitality, especially in the vineyards of Egregy. There are many taverns in the area between two street and in the summer you can hear vigorous Gypsy music. In the restaurants there are wine tastings and the landlords offer to the guests a glass of wine and csemege, a fresh house bread with lard, red paprika and onion. One of the most important regional dishes is dödölle, a kind of noodles made of potatoes and flour, fried in lard with onion. As far as the wines are concerned the most recognized vines in the area are Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling), Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) and Rizlingszilváni (Müller Thurgau). 

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