Hévízi in the top 15!

By reaching the 12th place, Hévíz has overtaken some deservedly popular cities such as Milan, Berlin or Prague at the public vote.

Hévízi in the top 15!


Every year since 2009, the "European Best Destination" competition has been held. In the course of the competition, the public can decide which city of the top 20 tourist paradises in Europe is worthy of the title of "best destination". The prize was established to promote European tourism and culture, in cooperation with more than 300 tourism partners and the EDEN network set up by the European Commission.

This year's ‘European Best Destination 2020’ vote ended at noon on 5 th February 2020, with over 600,000 votes on Europe's top destinations. As Hévíz was competing with favoured cities such as Paris, Madrid or Vienna, even taking
part in this great competition was a great pleasure for Hévíz.

The result:

In this exclusive competition, Hévíz finished in the top fifteen, ahead of, among others Prague and Madrid. The 12th place that Hévíz achieved shows that Hévíz received the most votes among the spa towns in the nine-year history of the competition, so Hévíz is one of the greatest spa brands in Europe.

During the competition, - in addition to domestic votes - many votes were received from German, English, Norwegian, Austrian, Russian and Asian travellers. This clearly proves that Hévíz is a prestigious tourist destination of these nations.



Its significance:

Hévíz is not only famous for the world's largest natural thermal lake; but for years, more and more guests have been attracted by the high quality of hotel services, excellent gastronomy and leisure facilities, which are becoming increasingly popular with families and groups of friends. Hévíz boasts the title of European Capital of Well-Being in 2020, based on the results of the competition. Hévíz is listed all year round on Europe's most visited tourist website as a highly recommended destination: it has six million website visitors and ninety thousand Facebook followers. Tourist activity increased by an average of 15% in the settlements participating in the competition in previous years.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for Hévíz and by doing so strengthened Hévíz's position in this outstanding league. True to our promise, among those who participated in our game related to the voting, on 14th February, on Valentine's Day, we will draw a wellness holiday for a couple in Hévíz. The lucky winner will be notified via email.