Hévíz will wait for you

Safety and prevention are of number one priority, everything else is of secondary importance

Hévíz will wait for you

“In the current situation, we will not encourage guests to go on a journey,” emphasized Mr Gábor Papp, the mayor of Hévíz. We understand that everyone's priority is to protect their loved ones because we feel the same way. Hévíz will wait for you! We will still be here when the epidemic is over.”

In Hévíz, generations have grown up and lived their lives in the world of hospitality. They have experienced difficult situations, from wars to natural disasters, for which reason they have been prepared for almost everything. Based on many years of experience, every effort is being made to mitigate the risk of the epidemic, while keeping the safety of our guests and those living and working in Hévíz fully in mind.

“At the same time, we cannot forget the guests who are still in Hévíz, as, Hévíz being a health resort, many guests stay here for a longer time to take treatments for their locomotive disorders and complaints. Under normal circumstances, accommodation, hospitality and catering facilities give priority to meeting high hygiene standards, for which they are now even more prepared. Additional hand sanitizers have been deployed in community spaces, the cleaning and disinfecting activities have been multiplied, cutlery disinfection rules have been tightened, and, if required, the chlorine content of swimming pool waters has been increased according to NFCSO (National Food Chain Safety Office) guidelines. Safety depends on all of us, let’s take care of each other!

In compliance with nationwide emergency regulations, the following precautions and restrictions have been implemented in the town to this day (Monday, March 16, 2020, at 2 p.m.):

  • With the introduction of a limitation on the number of people in the lake, a maximum of 450 people can stay in the bath, which can safely receive this amount of traffic as an outdoor bath. Also, the adventure bath, wellness and sauna services are suspended. Up-to-date information is available on the institution's website: spaheviz.hu
  • General prohibition of outdoor and indoor events, gatherings
  • Temporary closure of the cinema, museums, and the library
  • Temporary closure of the Hévíz Farmers’ Market
  • Temporary closure of the drinking fountain in the Rózsakert
  • Restricting the opening hours of cafés and restaurants to 15.00 every day
  • The Tourist Information Office temporarily suspends reception in person, but assists by telephone (36 83 540 131), email (heviz@tourinform.hu) and online
  • Passenger transport at Hévíz-Balaton Airport is temporarily suspended
  • The residents of Hévíz are being informed about the issues they are interested in (school, kindergarten, nursery, social care, catering, nursing home) at facebook.com/Heviz-Varos-Onkormanyzata

The hotels and accommodation providers are working hard to reschedule holidays booked for the spring season. The staff of hotels strive to provide flexible rescheduling and find the best solution for their guests. Advances have paid so far will not be forfeited in the event of rescheduling. Accommodation providers and hotels can give accurate information on details to those interested.


The Operative Committee of Hévíz continuously monitor government measures and takes further measures if necessary.

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