Grape harvest in Egregy

On this weekend: wine, gastronomy, cultur

Grape harvest in Egregy


At the end of the Attila street


1st September


14.00 Registration

15.00 Solidarity rolling and vintage procession

Co-operating: Sinka Zsolt „strong” recorder, Nick Árpád strongman,  the singers from Zalaszentmihály and the Hévíz Stage

We are waiting for every citizen who takes part on the procession with bicycle, rollerskate, roller, baby carriage or even on feet. Every participant becomes a diplom and a gift

16.00 Program of the „Tiszta Forrás” Song group

16.30 Program of the PRESS Dance group

17.00 Program of the winners of the „Also in Hévíz can be born a star”

18.00 Live form the XIV. Paralympics – Illés Fanny a swimmer from Zala county

19.00 Program of the „Ezer Rózsa Kertje“ belly-dance group


21.00 Live form the XIV. Paralympics - overall

Retro Disco

The event was hosted by: DJ Dominique



2nd September

10.00 Cooking competition

13.00 „Songs are sounding for the good lunch” Jó ebédhez szól a nóta” – Program of Garamvölgyi Zsolt marimba player

15.00 Folk production of the Korhinta Stage in memorial of Móricz Zsigmond

16.30 Program of the Hévíz Stage

17.30 Zörömbölők Dance Group (Zala County)

19.00 Operetta evening

20.00 Garden cinema – “Csinibaba” – Hungarian film

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