Gossamer. Right time for healing and wellness stays in Hévíz

Traditional Hévíz Therapy helps not only with the healing of musculoskeletal system

Gossamer. Right time for healing and wellness stays in Hévíz

Autumn with its tranquillity and colours invites you for a peaceful rest at a spa or wellness hotels. Hungarian spa town Hévíz offers not only due to its unique medicinal thermal lake possibility of outdoor swimming during the whole year, but you can also enjoy here traditional Hévíz therapy, as well as many other spa treatments. The lovers of wellness and healthy living may also choose from a wide range of facilities.

It hurts your back, shoulders, waist? Here is the solution!

The Traditional Hévíz Therapy is based on the medicinal water of Hévíz, which is due to its rich mineral content very effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Therapy, which is set for each person individually, is prevented with medical examination with assessment of the condition according to specialists determine the appropriate therapeutic elements that follows each other. Subsequently the Therapy is carried out under clearly defined rules and under constant medical supervision. Among the various therapeutic elements of this Therapy is bathing in thermal water, medical mud wraps or mud bath or a special weight bath, the invention of Hévíz´s rheumatologist Dr Moll Károly. To an individual treatment plan may also be included consumption of  healing water from Lake Hévíz from drinking fountains, massage therapy, physical therapy (individually and / or in a group), physiotherapy and hydrotherapy procedure (CO2 bath, underwater jet massage, galvanic bath).

Beyond healing procedures you can enjoy wellness treatment in Hévíz as well.  Medical wellness alias medically controlled wellness treatments are dedicated to each individual separately and adapted to his needs. An important component of the treatments is relieving of stress and creating awareness of a healthy lifestyle. All this you can take part in a wellness parts of spa or in the many hotels which offer to guests next to the sauna, steam bath, ice caves, salt cave, bubble bath with modern restroom also beauty treatments and exfoliating procedures.

A bonus of the spa town Hévíz is the fact that most sports activities related to physical performance you can realized outdoor in the fresh air (eg. Hiking, biking, nordic walking, horseback riding, golf or tennis) or in water (eg. water jogging or fitness). Lovers of passive rest can familiar in Hévíz with many relaxation techniques of eastern alternative methods, whether Tchai-chi, yoga or 5 Tibeti.

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