Christmas time or New Year´s Eve in Hungarian style. Why not?

Hunting after gifts, baking Christmas cookies, preparation of Christmas Eve dinner, as well as organization of all those trinkets around that make Christmas days unforgettable, it is an annual challenge.

Christmas time or New Year´s Eve in Hungarian style. Why not?

And what about to give this year´s Christmas the hallmark of uniqueness and go somewhere, where everybody will for a change care about you? Hungarian spa town Hévíz provides its guests with high level service. Moreover, the unique thermal healing lake offers whole year outdoor swimming, no matter there are frosty days. Truly original pre-Christmas or Christmas program, what do you say?  

Christmas trade with unique healing bath

During the Christmas season music concerts will take place in Hévíz over the weekends. You can look forward to classical music, as well as Christmas carols performed by children or adults. Then we should not miss to mention the Christmas market, which you can visit any time during December, it is open every day from 1 pm. What can be found on such as Christmas market in Hévíz? Festively decorated space with traditional Christmas tree, stalls with traditional Christmas goods. It all is completed with local delicacies. The main symbols of the Hungarian Christmas markets include the classic with roast sausage, sausages, pickles, peppers, with so-called Pompoš, which is a kind of "Hungarian pizza", mulled wine and especially with good mood.

When the Christmas market gets you tired or you will be numb from the cold, there is nothing easier than to visit unique thermal lake, its temperature reaches during the winter very pleasant 23-25 °C or choose a bath in the thermal pool situated in the spa and wellness hotels. As well as you can indulge in your numb and tired body the healing therapy, e.g. massage or wrap. Matter of course there is a wide range of wellness services in Hévíz.


Christmas Eve dinner – sharp halászlé or wafer with honey and garlic

Christmas is in Hungary as well as in our country one of the most important feast of the year. Moreover, there is the feast of St. Stephen on December 26th, who is the namesake of the founder of Hungary. So it is not surprising that Christmas is for Hungarians not only the religious holiday, but exactly the national feast. Anyway, do you know what Hungarians eat during Christmas Eve dinner? Christmas Eve dinner begins with wafers with honey and garlic, in order that all people stay healthy. Then follows the traditional halászlé, a fish soup, which must be appropriately spicy. Then the fried fish with potato salad comes. It is used to finish the dinner with good wine, the best is from your own crop.


New Year´s Eve all – inclusive

Have you decided to welcome the New Year in Hévíz? Then we recommend to use some of the special packages which hotels prepared for the Christmas season. Besides accommodation it usually includes an evening reception or a special dinner accompanied by entertainment evening, live music, concert and dance until the early hours. There is a choice definitively, Hévíz offers 10,000 beds, from private accommodation to five-star hotels. All for very attractive prices.

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