Chinese massage

Chinese massage therapy is one of the ancient therapies.

Chinese massage

It is part of the alternative massages and constitutes important part of the traditional Chinese medicine. It is also called Tui-Ni therapy. As a matter of fact it is an energetic treatment, which uses massage and dislocating techniques. Those points are stimulated by this massage, which are located on the energy flow paths of the body. It is based on the meridian system mentioned at the description of the acupressure treatment and on the stimulation of the given acupressure points. Patients are allowed to wear clothing during treatments.

The aim of Chinese massage is to remove the barriers obstructing vital power (Qi) flow and to harmonise the body’s energy management. The masseur achieves the required effect by putting pressure on the respective points of the meridian system.

Chinese massage technique can be applied in two ways, but it also depends on the treated person and body part. If the aim is to strengthen and stimulate the body the application of Yang technique is recommended; if we wish to relax the body, Yin technique shall be used.

Chinese massage therapy is ideal for muscular fatigueness, back- and muscle aches, joint and spine disorders, gynaecological problems, for the mitigation of chronic or virulent rheumatic disorders, furthermore it plays an important role in prevention.

Interesting facts

First written record related to Chinese massage was found in one of the medical books of the Yellow Emperor. In terms of its basic principles it’s a uniform method, but there are various versions of Chinese massage. Number 36 is an important element in the Chinese massage as it is used as a measurement unit.