Aroma-therapy cabin, music therapy cabin 2012

Already ancient civilizations were using plants with essential oil content: for healing, during religious ceremonies, for beauty care purposes, for seduction or embalming

Aroma-therapy cabin, music therapy cabin 2012

Aroma-therapy cabin, music therapy cabin

Already ancient civilizations were using plants with essential oil content: for healing, during religious ceremonies, for beauty care purposes, for seduction or embalming. In the middle of the 19th century it was acknowledged that the medicinal effect of essential oils cannot be supplemented by anything else.


During sauna treatment in an aroma-therapy cabin the air of the cabin with varying temperatures is aromatised by using essential oils. Essential oils may have various relaxing or refreshing effects.



In the aroma-therapy cabin essential oils are inhaled or penetrate the skin and have their beneficial effects: prevent the spreading of bacteria and fungus; clear the respiratory passages; stimulate the blood supply of the skin and muscular tissue, thus alleviate pain and inflammation; beneficial for the digestive and secretory organs and they have a relaxing effect.

Major reason for using essential oils is that they have a positive effect on our soul and emotions. Essential oils release emotional and mental blockages instantly.


Application forms of essential oils:

Aromatic cabin/sauna: means entire body inhalation.

Dry inhalation: inhalation directly or by dripping the essential oils on a tissue.

Inhalation: carefully selected essential oils are dropped in hot water and they are inhaled together with the steam.

Aroma-therapy packs, bolstering: essential oils are applied on the skin, which are mixed in body lotion or soaked herbs are placed on the given body part.

Aroma-therapy therapeutic massage: unites the positive effects of essential oils and massage.

Aroma-therapy therapeutic bath: in the aroma-therapy bath essential oils shall always be mixed with some kind of dissolvent (cream, milk).

Evaporation: use few drops of essential oil in water, increase the water temperature and as a result of heating, the essential oil will evaporate to the air.

Internally: there are strict rules for using essential oils internally. Their application is only allowed in small and controlled quantities, meaning only a few drops a day and only by using a mediator substance (which can also be sugar, alcohol or tea).




Major components:

Alcohols, aldehyde, phenic acids, esters, acids and terpene.

These components join together in a unique way; all essential oils have a complicated setup.


Sauna treatment in the cabin can be boosted by playing pleasant music. This is called music-therapy cabin. Low relaxing music and the essential oils completely loosen up the body and the soul. Those who do not like the quietness of the sauna cabin are recommended to use the music-therapy cabin.


Essential oil and Effect

Lemon: vitalises, beneficial for the digestive process and skin conditions
Jasmine: refreshing, anti-micro biotic
Chamomile: relaxing, for insomnia, stress and anxiety
Lavender:  relaxing, antiseptic, for insomnia, burns and wounds
Mint: relaxing, antiseptic
Orange: refreshing and vitalises
Sandal: for respiratory disorders, dry skin condition and eczema
Vanilla: loosening and relaxing


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