Summer is about to explode

Summer has arrived, and July greets us with vibrant colors and sparkling programs! Sunny days and balmy evenings offer the perfect opportunity for all ages to enjoy summer fun.

Summer is about to explode

Parks are filled with laughter as children play carefree, while adults enjoy concerts, open-air cinemas and festivals. Beaches, trips and barbecue parties await us, and you can feel the sweet smell of summer at every moment. In July, everyone will find a program to their liking, as this month is the time for shared experiences and joyful moments!

Programs in Hévíz

every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Farmers' Market
every weekday Spinal mobilization exercise and Balance exercise
based on prior registration, minimum 6-8 people: Segway tours
hot air balloon walking flight upon prior registration
on Wednesdays, organ concerts with Miklós Teleki


July 3. Music is for everyone - a huge street party by the band HELLOKIDS

July 4. Music is for everyone - Norbert Németh plays music

July 10. Music is for everyone - Babos-Piller Duo evening

July 11-14 Beer promenade

July 22. Cat-like hearts - Musical evening of the duo "Szekund Súrlódás"

July 24. Music is for everyone - Anita Kun and Attila Horváth will play

July 25. Music is for everyone - the Festetics Trio will play

July 31. Music is for everyone - party by the HELLOKIDS band

Programs in Keszthely

125 years - museum history exhibition

Chamber exhibition of children's toys

Buried Past Exhibition

The 11th exhibition of the Festetics Castle Contemporary Art Workshop

Football EC broadcast


July 5-7. Keszthelyfest

July 5 JAURI MADNESS SHOW debut show

July 6 Majka concert


July 7 Horse racing and the world of fashion

July 12-14 XVI. Keszthely Folkfest

July 13 Kowalsky And Vega

July 13 15. Bday Festival

Beach library from July 15


July 23. Concert - "Pál utcai fiúk"

July 26 WORKS OF EDDA 50. in the park of Festetics Castle

July 27 Caramel concert in the Festetics castle park

July 31 32. Zalai Borcégér – Keszthely Winefestival

Gyenesdiás programs

July 3 Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)

July 6-7 Gyenesdiás Bream Festival (Market)

July 11-14 Gyenesdiás Wine Festival (Kárpáti Park)

July 20-21 MASTAFF Summer Fest 2024 – Dog Show (Kárpáti Park)

July 20 Night at the Diás Beach

July 28 Shopping Day at the Market

Vonyarcvashegy events

July 24-28 31. Vonyarc Wine Festival

July 28. Brass music

July 28. XXVII. Vonyarcvashegy Brass Band Meeting

Events in Balatongyörök

July 3-7 XVIII. Balatongyörök National Week

July 6-17 Györöki Summer Exhibition: Exhibition of the works of the painter László Hegyeshalmi

July 11. Györöki JazzFiesta opening concert

July 18-21 Györöki Wine Corso

July 20-31 Györöki Summer Exhibition: Exhibition of the art György Verebes, Munkácsy Award winner, Merited Artist

July 25. Györöki JazzFiesta

July 26. Little night music: evening of Péter Kálloy Molnár & Izsák Farkas

July 27. Sirens' Day

All Hévíz programs can be found on the Hévíz website in the Programs menu item!
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