Ochrana osobních údajů

Dear Visitor!

While you are visiting the website www.heviz.hu, you also deliver us your personal information. 

Your personal data (namely the data can be connected to your identity) can fall into our hands in two ways: on the one hand, by maintaining the internet connection, the technical data in relation to the used computer, web browsing program, web address, visited pages, are generated automatically in our computer system, on the other hand, you can also give your name, contact information or other details if you would like to personally contact us during the use of the website.  

During the development of our website we aimed that managing your personal information would be carried out only to the extent necessary to use the services provided by the website, and according to your directions, and at the same time in full compliance with the existing legal provisions.

In order to protect the related data, we use the server computers of an external service provider completely independent from the IT system of the Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz to the operation of the website.

Your information, which will fall into our hand in conjunction with a visit to our website, will not be transmitted by the Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz, apart from those automatically generated technical data that are generated in connection with the website traffic statistics at the web server operator.
The regular measurement of the website traffic statistics is carried out by the Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz with the assistance of Google Analytics service.

Your managed data – in connection with the website visit - in our online customer service can exclusively be accessed by our co-workers to the extent necessary to perform their tasks as well as to provide the service used by you or to reply to your questions or comments.

If you wish to ask a question or would like to share your opinion regarding the privacy statement, send a letter to the email address office@hevizmarketing.hu