Stress and cold toes dissolve in thermal water

Bathing in an experience pool with a massaging back shower, in a 34-36°C warm thermal pool or in the indoor pools of Lake Bath: relaxation is guaranteed.

Stress and cold toes dissolve in thermal water

The cold, foggy, rainy winter days seem to be easily survivable only when viewed from a warm room. It goes without saying that in Hévíz we recommend a pleasantly warm bath to everyone.

Unwind with the power of steam!

In Hévíz, if you want really warm water, you can bathe in the indoor and outdoor spa and thermal waters of the Hévíz Tófürdő or the wellness hotels. If you are willing to take on extra experiences, bathe outside in the Hévíz lake, even when it is snowing, in the warm water of the swimming pool, which is approximately 23-25°C. If you want to be sure, you can choose the indoor and outdoor thermal pools of spa and wellness hotels for the guaranteed 36°C water.

Want to actively sweat?

As soon as the colder autumn days arrive, the stones of the saunas in Hévíz are already heating up. It is no coincidence that the most popular autumn-winter spa experience is sauna. Pores expand in the steam of Finnish saunas. The hot air permeates every part of us and has a beneficial effect not only on our well-being, but also on the functioning of the immune system. Take a sauna anywhere, anytime to keep yourself fresh, and take a sauna with friends for the sake of the experience, because the professional sauna masters not only fill your body, but also your soul with new energy!

Melt with the power of steam!

Of course, you can not only warm up in traditional Finnish saunas. In the wellness hotels, steam cabins, infrared saunas, scented individual or couples' bathtubs, and light therapy equipment also help you forget the cold weather outside. If we are really lucky, we can crown the day with an outdoor hot tub.

All that is good: in one!

And this is the Hévíz medicinal mud massage to the core. The thick black mud, heated to around 40°C, is applied thickly on the skin and then massaged over the entire body surface. As the mud slowly cools, our skin warms up. After the massage, a very thorough warm bath is recommended, which can also be combined with swimming in 34-36°C medicinal water.

Walk, jog, hike!

Forget that it's not sunny and 30°C! Put on warm shoes, layered clothes, a wind and waterproof jacket, and you can start an exciting tour! In the vicinity of Hévíz, whether you head in the direction of Rezi, Lake Balaton or Kis-Balaton, you will find numerous well-marked hiking trails. But, if you were only walking here in the city, we recommend the Tavirózsa Tanösvény, whose 2.2 km long route leads around Lake Hévíz, in the 'lower' and 'upper' Véderdő. Even if you don't go far from the city, you can recharge your energy by walking along the forest roads, move your muscles and enjoy the fresh and clean air, while you can catch a glimpse of the steaming thermal water from several points of the promenade - even from the canopy promenade. One thing is for sure, a hearty walk will definitely warm you up. Is it too cold for outdoor sports or is it raining? Jump over to Alsópáhok and test yourself in the Adrenalin Arena!

Row on a steaming stream!

Find a friendly tour guide and join the challenge! You will have a wonderful experience on the warm flowing water of Lake Hévíz, on the Hévíz stream. The approximately 3-hour program includes 10 km of paddling, for which you do not need to be a professional canoeist, and you can even take on the distance with children. Bring warm clothes and maybe a pillow under your bottom, and the organizers will provide you with professional equipment and hot drinks during the journey and at the end of the distance. But if you paddle, you won't get cold!

Invite yourself over for a hot drink!

You don't even have to get up from the armchair or move away from the bar to warm us up! Order yourself a warm punch, a hot coffee, tea, chocolate, or perhaps a spicy mulled wine and you can already feel like the emperor of life, as long as you let the steaming drink in your palm sip, so that the minutes just tick by carefree.