Festivals and events await you in Hévíz again this year

Hévíz welcomes all its guests with spring, summer and autumn festivals.

Festivals and events await you in Hévíz again this year


March 2. Hévíz Buffalo Duathlon

The spring season was opened by the Hévíz Buffalo Duathlon competition on March 2nd in Hévíz, with more than 220 enthusiastic participants who rowed 10 kilometers on the Hévíz stream and then ran back to Hévíz on the shores of the world-famous spa lake to receive their finishing medals.


March 29 – April 1. Easter Whirlwind in Hévíz

In connection with the Easter holiday round, we are waiting for guests with crafts, stalls, a playhouse and musical programs throughout the weekend. During the weekend, the following will perform: Chanson Brass, Márton Palkovics, Vagabond Ensemble, Anita Kun and Lajos Kovács, Gyöngyözön, Start 40 Band. The children will be entertained by Playhouse and Game Park. The celebratory mass of the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church and the Easter procession will take place on Saturday at 19:30. 


April 5-6. Wind chaser 

The organizers welcome young and old to the museum garden in Egregy. As part of the Wind Chaser program, you can count on creative and outdoor playful programs such as making pinwheels and flying paper kites.

April 26-27. XII. Happy Peacetimes of Hévíz

The Happy Peacetimes event in Hévíz, which closes April, cannot be missed this year either. On Friday we are tuning in to the event at the music pavilion on Schulhof Vilmos promenade. 

May 17-20. Pentecost Picnic

Visitors to Hévíz will not be without programs during the long Pentecost weekend. On Friday evening, from 7:00 p.m., the first Moonlight Bath of the year will be held in the Hévíz Lake Bath, which is also special, as such an event only takes place twice a year in Hévíz. On the weekend, guests are not only welcomed in Hévíz with musical programs and a flea market, but there will be another Super Hero program for families.

May 26. VI. Intersport Hévíz Run

The final chord of the spring programs is another sporty family day. For the 6th time this year, you can participate in the Hévíz Running Festival, where all members of the family can choose between different distances, individual and team categories. The programs are typically followed by great interest in the city, and the day full of competitions will end with a big concert.



Fewer festivals can be expected in the summer, but our guests will not be left without programs. On Festetics Square and at the Musicpavilon, small concerts will entertain guests every week, and you can count on many smaller programs organized by service providers.

June 21. Carry on the light!

HelloHévíz Association welcomes participants to the traditional St. Midsummer's Eve program again this year. The torchlight parade is interspersed with musical programs, which will take place partly in the city center and partly in Egregy.

July 11-14. Beer Promenade

In July, beer and a bit of a retro atmosphere will once again play a central role in the city center. The selection of the tasty beer houses will be colored by beer skates, while the good atmosphere will be ensured by the following performers: DR BRS & Giccsparty, Sipos F. Tamás, Viktor Király, DJ SOMX, Kefir, Irish folk musicians and dancers, tango accordion band, Fáni Németh and his band, Auth Csilla, Fantasy Orchestra. In the afternoons, children are entertained by playhouses, crafts and children's shows.

August 16-20. Hévíz Wine and Gastronomy festival

Children's programs, fine wines, a good atmosphere and a diverse range of concerts await you at the Hévíz wine festival. Expected performers: The Biebers, Dér Heni, István Bősárkányi Társulat's adaptation of the king, Szalonna and his band, Happy Dixieland Band, Bácska Tambura band and Beatles memorial band - The organizers reserve the right to change the program!


September 13. Moonlight bath on Lake Hévíz

The second and last moonlight bath of the year will be held in the Hévíz Tófürdő on what we hope will be a pleasantly warm Friday evening, September 13. Hot water is guaranteed in addition to atmospheric music.

September 20-21. Waterlily FolkFest

The autumn festival period in Hévíz ends with the festival of folk dancers. The local children's and adult dance groups and invited performers dazzle the audience for two days with Hungarian folk music and authentic dances.

Of course, many other events will take place in Hévíz during the year. Detailed information about all the events listed here and many others can be found on the program recommendation page of www.heviz.hu, where, of course, the offers of the cinema and the permanent, guaranteed programs are also included.

Hévíz awaits you with love! We wish you good fun and quality relaxation!

All Hévíz programs can be found on the Hévíz website in the Programs menu item!

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