West-Balaton summer

June adventures and programs from Hévíz and the surrounding area

West-Balaton summer

Summer is here, and with it came hot days and long, pleasant evenings! June is full of exciting programs that are guaranteed to brighten up your month. Whether you want to go to a festival, party at outdoor concerts, or just want a nice outdoor movie screening, you'll find an option for everything. We've created a great program guide to help you find the best events - just sit back and take your pick!


Hévíz, a spa town known for its famous thermal lake, awaits its visitors with plenty of exciting programs in June. In addition to relaxing in the healing water, colorful cultural events and open-air concerts make the summer months even more attractive.

Permanent programs
• Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the Farmers' Market
• every weekday Spinal mobilization exercise and Balance exercise
• based on prior registration, minimum 6-8 people: Segway tours
Hot air balloon flight based on prior registration
Organ concerts with Miklós Teleki on Wednesdays
• Guided thematic walks in Hévíz!

June 1 May tree dance at the Hévíz Farmers' Market!
June 1. City children's day
June 1. Sound bath with gongs, Tibetan sound bowls, sacred vibrations in Hévíz
June 5. Music is for everyone
June 6. Music is for everyone
June 9, XVII. Lotus Retro Vintage car beauty contest and luxury car exhibition
June 12. Music is for everyone
June 14. Music is for everyone
June 15 Writer-reader meeting
June 17. Heal with the power of nature
June 19. Music is for everyone
June 20. Music is for everyone
June 26. Music is for everyone
June 28. Music is for everyone


Zalacsány - Örvényeshegy

Örvényshegy, a picturesque little village hidden among the hills of Zala county, awaits visitors with special programs in June. Örvényeshegyi Piknik, a three-day cultural festival, offers unforgettable experiences with presentations by local artists and craftsmen, concerts and open-air theater performances. The wine and gastronomy festival organized in a picturesque setting gives you the opportunity to taste local delicacies and wines.
June 28-30 Örvényesvölgy Festival



Keszthely, the cultural center of the western shore of Lake Balaton, awaits those interested with countless exciting programs in June. Festetics Castle's impressive building and beautiful park provide the perfect setting for concerts and open-air theater performances. Exuberant life awaits you on the promenades on the shores of Balaton, and various sports and family programs guarantee relaxation on the beaches.

June 3. Is everyone there? Family theater evening by Dr. Mária Angster
June 12. The devil does not sleep
June 15-16 Rose Festival - Festetics Palace
June 20. Concert of Károly Nyári and the Budapest Jazz Orchestra - Guest: Andrea Szulák
June 24-28 Goldmark summer camps 2024 - Dance camp
June 24-28 Goldmark summer camps 2024 - Writing poetry or fighting with yourself
June 29-30 Manuel big concert + Ultra Color Festival



Throughout the month, a series of colorful programs offer recreation for all ages. Open-air concerts and local wine festivals promise unforgettable experiences, while beaches and water sports opportunities guarantee cooling fun. Don't miss the local craft market, where you can find unique products and delicious local flavors.

Sunday, June 2: Encore Children's Day at Festetics Imre Experience Center
Tuesday, June 4, 4 p.m.: National Solidarity Day and Trianon commemoration (Heroes' Garden)
Wednesday, June 12: Art Yard event series: László Kollár-Klemencz (Pásztorház yard)
Friday, June 14, 6 p.m.: "Back lawn" - Exhibition of sports paintings (Községháza)
June 19, Wednesday: Art Yard event series: Szeder Acoustics (Pastorház yard)
June 20-23, Thursday-Sunday: Gyöngy Healing Village - natural remedies, body and soul healing (Nagymező)
June 21-23, Friday-Sunday: Meeting of Diós Settlements
June 21, Friday: Season-opening Rockabilly Evening at Dream Beach (Diási Játékstrand)
June 26, Wednesday: Art Yard event series: Burucs Szabolcs (Pastorház yard)
Friday, June 28: Seasonal Basket Shopping Day at Gyenesdiási Market
June 29, Saturday: It's Good to Give All Year Round Foundation III. Charity Group Meeting (Great Field)



The beach exudes a festival atmosphere, where concerts and sports events alternate, while local gastronomic festivals, they tempt you with tantalizing food and wine. The Vonyarc Craft Beer Festival offers special beers and craft products, and the day can be completed by excursions and bicycle tours in the picturesque landscapes of the area.

June 1. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Charity sports and games day
June 22 St. John's Eve on Vonyarcvashegy
June 26-29 Festival of Craft Beers and Homemade Flavors



The town's summer events include craft fairs, sports events and family programs, which are guaranteed to make your vacation unforgettable.

June 6. Do you know what you're looking at? - "Beauty and strength" - Representation of sport in art, presentation by Laura Kardos
June 8. Open Cellars Day
June 14. Art Piknik: musical beasts: the witch's kitchen - a "scary" performance by music historian Ádám Bősze in Balatongyörök
June 15. Györök Junial
from June 12 Moments from Nature - Nature photography exhibition by Ágnes Bíró Fabóné and Ferenc Fabó
June 24. Health Made Real
June 27. 500 years of music - musical time travel with Endre Varga: masterpieces of romanticism
June 29. "Szépkilátó" - National orientation tour
June 29. Voice & Brass Brass Quintet concert in Balatongyörök


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