This year we will also choose Wine of Hévíz

It will soon become clear which wine can bear the title of Hévíz City Wine this year

This year we will also choose Wine of Hévíz

In 2024, Wine of Hévíz will be elected again. Organized by the Hévíz Tourism Association, the wine that can carry this noble title for one year will now be awarded for the fifth time. The wineries have already received the invitation. In the high-quality competition, they can compare their wines with many competitors.

17 wineries entered Hévíz City Wine 2024, with 35-40 lots:

  • Androsics Estate and wine terrace
  • Bakos Family Winery
  • Bezerics Winery
  • Cezar Winery
  • Csordás- Fodor Winery
  • Dóka Éva Winery
  • Fodor Wine Estate
  • Gál Vineyard and Winery
  • Georgikon Winery
  • Gyukli Cellar
  • Illés Winery
  • Kányaváry Wine Estate
  • Mádi A Wine Estate
  • Papp and Sons Winery
  • Pátzay Wine Estate
  • Paulus Molnár Winery
  • Romsics Cellar


What kind of wine can Hévíz City Wine be?
  • dry white wine
  • light, fresh, stylish, well recommended for food
  • with a suitable price-value ratio
  • in the previous 2 years, it has already participated in a noble wine competition with a gold or silver rating
  • wine certified by experts
How, who and when do they choose?

The wine will be selected by blind tasting. This means that the jury is only given the vintage and variety, they do not know which winery made the wine. The 2024 wine selection will take place on February 9.

What does the winner get?

In addition to being able to hold the honorary title for a whole year, he will have the opportunity to present himself at the four-day Wine and Gastronomy festival in August. The decorative diplomas will be handed out at the Happy Peace Times event.

Where can I taste/buy it?

The future winning wine is of course already in the bottle, but Wine of Hévíz also receives a special decorative label after selection. It will then be available for purchase at the Tourinform Office in Hévíz, among others.


Wines from previous years

2023 - Bujdosó Winery, 2022 Sauvignon Blanc wine called Csomó

2022 - Cezar Winery Kis Balaton -Nagy Borok Savignon Blanc 2021 vintage white wine

2021 - Fodorvin Borház 2020 vintage Aszófői Italian Riesling wine

2020 - Kányaváry Borbirtok Krónika, 2019 vintage, dry white, chardonnay