Let's rustle together

August is traditionally the month of wine programs in the settlements on the shores of Lake Balaton and nearby. This is also the case in Hévíz, where the busiest program series of the year, the Hévíz Wine and Gastronomy Festival starts on August 18.

Let's rustle together

What will happen in these four days? Let's see!

During the four days of the festival, you can meet blue-painted porters, handmade dolls, basket sellers, textile sellers, jewelry makers, ceramicists, but you may also buy goat cheese, smoked goods, homemade syrup, and handmade mustard. In addition to the vendors, there will be wine and food stalls waiting for the guests. This year we are preparing 30 types of "lángos", vegetable pies, vegan offerings, but of course also traditional wine-biscuits. In fact, fish soup is also included in the food offer, but only for 20 August.

Among the domestic wineries, the following cellars will be presenting:

Paulus Borház, Cseri Winery, Balla Géza Winery, Kányavári Winery, Mokos Winery, Prosecco, -Balatonfelvidék -Fischer Winery, Tokaj wine region- Majoros Estate, Decsics Winery, Strázsai Winery, Rádi Winery, Papp és Fiai Winery , Bezerics Winery

And of course, the title holder of this year's Wine of Hévíz is the CÉZÁR Winery, where you can also taste the wine of 2022.

On Thursday

the Virgonckodók team will start the program to the delight of our youngest guests. On that day, wooden toys and a basket swing are waiting for children. And of course we won't leave them without music, in the afternoon they can party at the Brumi Bandi Band concert at the Tourinform Office. The day doesn't end with children's programs. The Forest next to Deák Square will be the venue for the Amargant Theater Concert three times in the afternoon. The special program as part of the Forest Mystery program series introduces visitors to the mysterious world of the forest surrounding the lake. The music bonanza starts on the stage from 18:00, where you can first hear the party mix of DJ Belo, then the acoustic-electronic performance of Levente Fegyverneki leads the mood to DJ Voksán Virág's evening set.

During the day on Friday

the field belongs to the children again, this time the team of Virgonckodók brings two escape rooms to the "green" on Dr. Moll Károly tér. It is worth registering in advance, because the appointments fill up quickly. Children looking for a creative activity will not be left without a program either, as the Magic Sounds playhouse at the Tourinform office will keep them busy. The game is accompanied by music, from 18:00 the Cséplő-Poór Jazzy Duo entertains the audience with cheerful tunes. At the same time, the evening program begins on the stage, a Caribbean dance hall called Salsa Días Brillantes begins. After the dance, we can listen to a show by Boglárka Laczák and Szabolcs Bognár interspersed with musical and operetta melodies. In the evening, we can welcome the weekend with a wild concert by Odett, a singer from Zala.

On Saturday

a bubble arcade and a wooden toy park await children who want to play already in the early afternoon. This time, there is also a stage show for the little ones, as the Harisnáy Pipik invite them on a magical journey around the world. Afterwards, Jenő Őri & Iván Roman entertain the audience with violin and piano recitals. If it's a wine program, then MASZK's musical theater about wine fits into the evening stylistically. The main event of the evening will be the concert of the Muzsikás Együttes.

On Sunday

we can rest during the day for the past three days, and then in the evening we can say goodbye to the holiday weekend at the M.É.Z. With its Irish dance ensemble show and the Jag Projekt party.

Good atmosphere and good music are guaranteed, you won't get bored with us! Come and celebrate with us!

Detailed programs here.