Mayor's Office of Local Government

Address: 8380 Hévíz, Kossuth Lajos sstr. 1.
Addresy: 8381 Hévíz, Pf.: 120
Call centre: +36 83 500-800
E-mail címe:
heviz kukac t-online pont hu,
heviz_ph kukac t-online pont hu

Website: www.heviz.hu


Information about advertising
Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz

H - 8380 HÉVÍZ, Rákóczi str. 2.

Tel.: +36/83/540-070, 
Fax: +36/83/540-071
E-mail: office@hevizmarketing.hu

Do you have a question? Don’t you know who to contact?

Don’t hesitate to contact our colleagues in the following cases:

Managing Director – Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz
Phone number: +36 83 540 070
Email: palffy.tamas@hevizmarketing.hu

  • Professional representation of the TDM Association, supervision of professional work
  • Set-up and implementation of the annual business- and work plan
  • Development and coordination of the tourism development and marketing strategy
  • Relations with the representatives of civil, municipal and service sectors
  • Coordination of town marketing tasks
  • Preparation of printed and online appearances
  • Arrangement of TV footages and photo shoots
  • Foreign language knowledge: German, English