Gelencsér Dental Clinic & Laboratory

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Gelencsér Dental Clinic & Laboratory
Affordable dental care – Perfect opportunity for recreation – High level of professionalism

With nearly forty years of experience, the ten modern dentists' offices of Gelencsér Dental Clinic and Implantology Centre that together lie on 600 square meters and are equipped with digital technology are awaiting patients from Western-Europe.
The center covers all branches of dental care and provides unique opportunities for its patients to adopt a healthy and attractive smile.

Tradition defines us: the Gelencsér dental clinic of more than four decades of experience awaits all those, who want to leave the rushing word for a while and achieve physical and spiritual renewal in the intimate and peaceful setting of the spa-town, popular for more than 200 years.

Hévíz, one of the world's most famous natural hot medical waters earned itself quite a name due to its healing effects and its mineral rich peat-bed. Today, patients who want to get better or simply want to relax come here not just from Western-Europe (Germany and Austria) but from several countries all over the world.

First-class comfort is not only guaranteed by
Hotel Európa fit****superior and
NaturMed Hotel Carbona****, which have great facilities, but also the dental offices built inside them. Simple and comfortable trip between the clinics and the hotels is provided by our very own taxi service.

Our dental and oral surgery center has an impeccable technical and professional background: our highly qualified team, speaking multiple languages awaits the patients in an office that is all-satisfying and air-conditioned. From implanting to orthodontics, from replacement of teeth to general dental care, you can find anything at Gelencsér Dental Clinic. Our team of professional doctors provides customized solutions for everyone, without exception.

Our imaging systems, which are considered state of the art dental technology, provide us with the opportunity to do very precise diagnostic work, and in our dental laboratory we create high quality works with a wide range of options and fast production time.

Out dental surgery center, recognized throughout the country, carries out the implantation of more than 1000 dental implants every year, so we can confidently recommend roots made of titanium as a perfect denture.

Quality of Gelencsér Dental Clinic is assured by the ISO 9001:2001 certificate issued by TÜV Bayern, therefore everything works organized not only at the clinics, but at the offices as well in order to perform a perfect job.

If you have any further questions, please contact the team of Gelencsér Dental Center. Our specialists are ready to prepare a personalized treatment plan for you within two days and provide useful information to you via personal consultation.

Join your holiday with dental treatment and surprise your friends with a new, beautiful smile!


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