AAA Apartment 1 Hévíz

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ÁrgaranciaAAA Apartment 1 Hévíz



The world’s largest turf-bottom natural hot water spring can be found 4 miles away from the North-West corner of lake Balaton, in Hévíz. The natural thermal lake at Heviz is a natural treasure. The surface of the lake is 11 acres. The deepest point is more than 120 feet. The temperature of the water is about 32-33°C in summer and 24-26°C in winter. The special healing agent of the spa is the several yards thick medicinal mud being rich in sulphur and radium. This is the best known sanative and tourist centre of Hungary, having more than 200-year tradition in thermal bathing. Its water is appropriate for curing of rheumatic-locomotor diseases, joint diseases, and gynaecological problems of different origin. The water can be used as drinking cure for the curing of stomach and gum problems. An encircling forest on the shore secures the raising gases from the water, giving a special climate. The entire Spa has an inhalatoric character.

Programmes and places to see: Bathing in lake Balaton at Keszthely, visit at the Festetich castle and Fort of Sümeg, walking in Badacsony one of the most famous wine producing areas of Hungary, horse-riding, angling and different cultural programmes.

We are waiting for our guests longing for recreation and healing to our 70 square-yard apartment which is 200 m away from the spa. The apartment can be rent throughout the year.

Accommodation: 2 rooms + dining room (equipped with utensils), bathroom and terrace. There is television set in the apartment. Parking in closed yard.

The price shown here is based on the number of adults you specified. You have to give in the number and age of the children again.


Lake Bath: 200 m

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GPS: 46.789497183813 | 17.187595367432