Bajnok Apartman Hévíz

Ratings: 14

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Rooms, services
A comfortably furnished room is offered by Bajnok Apartman Hévíz to guests looking for accommodation in Hévíz.
Thanks to air-conditioning being in operation all rooms, you can also easily refresh yourself during warm summer days. If you have a suitable portable device, you can connect to the Internet via a wireless network (WiFi) available at the apartment. In all rooms there is a separate bathroom and a toilet.
The exact scope of services offered by Bajnok Apartman Hévíz (including those for an extra fee) and the exact equipment of a room are available on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the given rooms.

The apartment is located 100 meters from Lake Hévíz.

Your reservation does not include catering at the indicated prices.

The following methods are available to pay the reservation: bank transfer, széchenyi recreation card. For the reservation to be complete Bajnok Apartman Hévíz is asking for 30% to be paid in advance.

Arrival, opening hours
The earliest check-in time is 14:00, the latest check-out time is 10:00.
The personnel is at your service in Hungarian and English languages.

The price shown here is based on the number of adults you specified. You have to give in the number and age of the children again.


  • Accomodation type

    • Apartment
  • Payment methods

    • Transfer
  • Baby and child-friendly

    • Baby cot
  • Others

    • Wifi in public areas


GPS: 46.7888845 | 17.1895047
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