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1. Marcipán Vendégház Hévíz

Last modification: 2018. November. 01. 12:00

Marcipán Vendégház Hévíz

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cím: Marcipán Vendégház Hévíz
tartalom: + 1 Marcipán guesthouse is located in Hévíz. The town is famous for its unique thermal lake with healing water. The water helps to cure diseases of the locomotor apparatus, osteochondrosis, polyarthritis, radiculitis and many other illnesses. Millions of tourists come to Hévíz every year - even people who don't have any health issues find this place attractive at any time of the year. Kodály Zoltán street is one of the nicest streets in Hévíz – quiet, clean and immersed in greenery. The district is suitable for tourists who prefer to see more, because the main attractions of the area – the Thermal Lake, the market, Wine Hill, Egregy Museum, the Roman ruins and two catholic churches – surround it, being situated at approximately the same distance (700-1000 m). You can go to the lake in the morning and have lunch in one of the numerous restaurants with Central European cuisine in the downtown; after that, you will probably take a nap in your room. And in the evening it’s time to explore the other side of Hevíz. Visit the Wine Hill that boasts of both spectacular views on lush green wineries and incredibly delicious local wines, served with finest game dishes in small terraced wine restaurants… Next day you may want to go shopping to the local market that offers traditional Hungarian souvenirs – from antiquities to bows and arrows, items made from natural horn, textile sculptures, lavender pouches and other wonderful things. And don’t forget about historical sights and churches. Every place is reachable form Marcipán. You can even go ballooning! Even Balaton Lake is just 7 km away: you can easily get to the city beach of Keszthely by car or by bus. Marcipán Guesthouse has 5 apartments, with an individual entrance each, there are no common indoor areas. The size of the apartments vary from 21 m2 to 65 m2. Each apartment has a balcony or a terrace, a kitchen and an individual bathroom with a toilet - all bathrooms are freshly renovated. The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, a cooker, a tea/coffee-maker, a microwave, a toaster, dishes and cutlery. We also provide out guests with hair dryers and towels. There are satellite TV channels and free Wi-Fi in each apartment. Some of the apartments have air conditioners. And in the cold period the heating is on. There are 3 parking places in the yard and 2 more in the street nearby - all of them are free of charge. Marcipán Guesthouse receives guests every day from 14.00 to 22.00. We are waiting for your visit!
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