Kolping Hotel & Spa Family Resort

Alsópáhok, Fő u. 120.




О нас

Significant number of our guests visit us especially for our wellness area once or more almost every year. You have the opportunity to spend your time in our wellness centre several times a week!


  • Family Aqualand
  • Family relaxation and saunas
  • Total relaxation: thermal and swimming pool strictly for adults
  • Ssaunapark and steam room with a relaxing terrace strictly for adults
  • Fitness room equipped with cardio and body building machines

It is worth spending your time in our wellness area!


Monthly ticket valid for 1 month: Adult 18.000 HUF, Child 14.500 HUF-

With discount for 3 months: Adult 49.000 HUF, Child 39.500 HUF

With discount for 6 months: Adult 93.500 HUF, Child 74.500 HUF

Family ticket (includes 8 occasions): 2 adults and 1 child 33.500 HUF, 2 adults and 2 children 38.500 HUF

Monthly family ticket: 2 adults and 1 child 45.500 HUF, 2 adults and 2 children 57.500 HUF

Different discounts cannot be combined. Season tickets may be utilized in correspondence with the current occupancy rate of the hotel about which you may get detailed information at the reception. Season tickets include a photo of the owner, thus cannot be transferred to any other person. Valid: for one month from the date of purchase. Season tickets can be purchased at Reception of the hotel!

The season tickets and the daily tickets are only valid for the wellness services of the hotel.


  • Способы платежа

    • Кредитная карточка
    • евро
    • Наличные
  • Крытые бассейны

    • Термальный бассейн
    • Релаксационный бассейн
    • Детский бассейн
    • Погружающий бассейн
    • Спортивный бассейн
  • Открытые бассейны

    • Релаксационный бассейн
    • Детский бассейн
  • сауна

    • Финская
    • Инфракрасная
    • Парная
    • Ароматическая сауна
    • Светолечебная кабина
  • Косметические процедуры

    • Парикмахер
    • косметические процедуры
  • Медицинские услуги

    • Хевизская Традиционная Терапия
    • Подводная экстензия
    • Лечебная грязь
    • Лечебный массаж
    • Физиотерапевтические процедуры
    • Гидротерапия
  • другой

    • Сауна с наливами
    • Процедуры велнеса
    • Фитнес-зал

Sunday- Thursday 8 AM - 8 PM
Friday - Saturday 8 AM - 10 PM

Owners of a daily or seasonal swimming pool and wellness tickets may use the following services from 5 PM – 8 PM

Стоимость билета:
Daily tickets:
Adult 3600 HUF / Person
Child 1800 HUF / Person



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