Hotel Napsugár Apartman Hévíz

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Rooms, services
Hotel Napsugár Apartman Hévíz is offering a tastefully furnished room to those seeking accommodation in Hévíz.
You may also take your pet along for your stay, the apartment is prepared for to host it. An additional fee applies to reservations with pets. You may park your vehicle for free in a parking lot available on the spot.
In case you'd bring your laptop along, you may go online via wireless Internet connection (WiFi) available at the apartment. In all rooms there is a separate bathroom and a toilet.
An exact and detailed list of equipment in the rooms and of the services provided by Hotel Napsugár Apartman Hévíz you will find on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the individual rooms, including any applicable additional fees.

The apartment is situated 1 km away from Lake Hévíz.

Your reservation does not include catering at the indicated prices.

The following methods are available to pay the reservation: cash, debit/credit card. Hotel Napsugár Apartman Hévíz asks for 50% to be paid in advance.

Arrival, opening hours
The earliest arrival time is 11:00, the latest time to leave the rooms is 10:00.
The personnel can speak Hungarian.

The price shown here is based on the number of adults you specified. You have to give in the number and age of the children again.


  • Accomodation type

    • Apartment
  • Payment methods

    • Creditcard
    • Cash
  • Parking

    • On site parking
  • Others

    • Wifi in public areas


GPS: 46.7823869 | 17.1868908
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