Autumn is the perfect season for me-time. Put on a warmer set and enjoy the hiking trails of Keszthely, and the cycle paths of Lake Balaton and Kis-Balaton. Besides, the water temperature in Lake Hévíz is still around 30°C. Me-time is not only about quality relaxation and a healthy lifestyle but also about treating yourself. While outside colourful leaves are falling, you can enjoy the heat of the saunas, massages with grape seed oil, fine wines, and delicious meals. It is time to slow down and enjoy all the beauty and moments of life.

Autumn is the season for hedonist travellers, so enjoy it to the full!

This is how we enjoy autumn in Hévíz:

late breakfast swimming in the hot water of Lake Hévíz  massage with grape seed oil Farmers’ Market walking on the treetop walkway  bike trip to the Festetics Palace in  Keszthely sauna session with honey lengthy dinner with a fine wine